quinta-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2008

Cat Angels

Em meio às minhas leituras da madrugada ( do dia não haveria de ser, pois durmo quase o tempo todo) visando meu aperfeiçoamento como animal e buscando argumentos para defender a nossa racionalidade ou não-racionalidade, deparei-me com o seguinte texto( em inglês, depois faço a tradução e o comento ) :
Although religious scholars have never said that angels can assume feline form, or cats can be raised to such lofty level, cat-owners have always known the truth. Angels can be cats, and cats can be angels right here on earth, full of love and piety and even a sense of righteousness that humans find both wonderous and a little intimidating. According to and old European folktale, when cats were first created they had wings, but they preyed on birds and threatened them with extinction. So God took away their cat wings-though he turned their flutter into a purr, reminding kittens of the time and form which they were most content.

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