domingo, 23 de janeiro de 2011

The Story of Archie and Spotty

Recebi hoje uma carta de Konni em que relata sua convivência com Archie e Spotty. Chamei Sueto para acompanhar a leitura da carta. Estava bem desperta lambendo o pelo. Tem boa lembrança de Konni que, em sua visita, a pegou no colo e, até por isto, ficou muito interessada em conhecer os “gatos” ingleses. Eis a carta:
"The black cat is called "Archie" and the bigger one "Spotty".
Archie always does what he wants and only cuddles if it fits with his mood, while the older bigger cat is always after affection and love (and extra food of course) and he only annoys me when he catches a bird from my garden and brings it to my door, he gets no applause for that as I love the birds too.....Last summer they both injured a very young dove whose mother disappeared for whatever reason, so I drove 1 hour to the nearest wildlife-hospital to have the dove cared for , am I mad? Maybe, but my neighbours 2 small kids (2 and 3 years old) have found the dove and wanted desperately to help, so after trying to put the bird higher up on a shed roof without success as it came down again and having not being able to feed it overnight in my conservatory (away from the cats ) I had to drive to the hospital with this bird and the kids came along and were very happy. Since that event both kids are not so sure anymore how lovely a cat can be, but of course they are and we as adults appreciate the different layers of a cats character. Archie is very clean in my garden and only shits on my compost but not on my flowerbeds-how nice of him!! They are both fascinated by the presence of my parrot and haven't figured out yet that he will not be for eating. My parrot can't see the danger and greets the cats everytime with his "good girl" speech....Now you may say why "girl" as both cats are male, that is because of the german word for cat is "die Katze"-alas female and that sticks with me. Can't get used to the english way of referring to animals like cats as "IT" instead of "he" or "she" like in the german language, they are living creatures and not things!! How is that in portuguese?"

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  1. In Portuguese we say "ela"(she) or "ele"(he) according the genre.Sueto stood a little intrigued about the question and asked me if in England cats are hermaphrodites...

  2. Nice story - I agree that cats shouldn't called 'it' - I never refer to my two boys in that way...

  3. Me too, how insulting to call fur kids " it"...

  4. A friend of mine thought I was bats when I used to call China and Twiggy or Twiggy and Daffodil - the girls - she made me feel very silly and it was no good explaining to her as she loves animals but has never had any. She
    thought I should have said the cats which I can understand I guess but they were both girls so it was natural to call them that lol

  5. I refer to Charlie & Bentley as my boys, & Chrissy & Maggie as my girls.

  6. Nice and cute!
    My brother has two cats, Calvin (named after the character in the Calvin & Hobbes comic strips, because the cat is a pest, just like the little boy) and Kyra (she's just like Garfield, fat and lazy). They're adorable but ubfortunately they live in Rio de Janeiro, so I don't see them very often.