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sábado, 4 de fevereiro de 2012

Cats for Re-homing :"Marmite"

Marmite is a long haired quiet puss, once he gets to know you he wants to be your best friend.

He was re-homed last August to a lovely home, unfortunately his new owner has realised he has an alergy and has had to return him to us for re-homing yet again.

Marmite would really love to find another home as soon as possible, isn't he lovely...

These are all cats that really need good forever homes, give us a call, or email if you would be interested in adopting one of these beauties.

Please don't call if you aren't serious, these cats need permanent homes, some have been waiting for months.

By: Swale Cats Protection

The Story of Shy

Hi, nice to see "shy" in a blog, and a nice name too! This is her story: 1 1/2 year ago she moved in on ouer boat. The boat is placed on island Hasseløy close to a museum. Lots of wild cats there. It is possible for Shy to go inside the boat and sleep hot and safe on woolcarpets, pillows and so. Not allways so fun for us with cathair all over . Normaly she leaves the boat when we enter and we look after her to make sure she has left. But two times she came along out at sea and showed herself, seasick and screaming. So we must return to this island, but we leave her on the other side of the island, - and Shy walks all the way back and allways appears in our boat again. We dont feed her, but she looks well fed and healthy so we are sure she gets food somewhere. If you look in this album, you will see ouer boat Hilton with a blue cover, Shys wintherhouse



Sueto sabe muito pouco sobre ela.
Exceto que é fêmea e gosta de ficar em um barco ao que parece na Europa.
Sabe também, segundo o dono do barco, que é uma "shy wildcat".
Por isto decidiu chamá-la Shy.
Mas vive solta ( wild) por que?
Parece tão sociável.
Sueto caiu de amores por ela mas, de fato, queria que fôsse um gato.